Thursday, September 30, 2010


Appe or Appam is a South Indian dish. It also requires a special type of pan somewhat similar to idlis. But the only difference is Appes are not steamed but fried in this pan as shown below. It has small around an inch deep rounds to fill the appe batter. I got this from my recent visit to India. Its a non-stick pan, hence requires less oil. Appe needs a little of pre planning but its best part is that it doesn't require any fermentation. It can be done right away after grinding the soaked dals.
Ingredients -
1) 1 cup urad dal
2) 2 cups rice
3) 1/4 cup chana dal
4) 5-6 green chilles
5) 1 tspn cumin seeds
6) 6-7 curry leaves
7) 1 inch ginger
8) Salt to taste
9) And Oil
Method -
1) Soak the dals seperately overnight or atleast for 6-8 hours.
2) Grind all the dals seperately with very little water if required.
3) With the urad dal, also grind the green chillies, cumin seeds, curry leaves and ginger.
4) Mix all the grinded dals in a large bowl. Mix well. Add salt as per taste. Mix well. The batter should not be very thin.
5) Heat the appe patra/appe skillet and add little oil in all the rounds of the skillet.
6) Pour a spoonful of batter. Do not cover the pan. After a couple of minutes flip the appes and cook them from the other side.
7) They are ready. Serve hot with any type of chutney. I served them with tomato chutney.
They are very easy and quick. If you have guests coming in the evening, you can soak the dals in the morning and grind them when you want to make them.

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Srivalli said...

appay are always my favorite dish!..looks so cute..