Sunday, June 22, 2008

Neivedyam - Sheera

Today is Sankashta Chaturthi. According to the Hindu Calendar this is the fourth day of the second fortnight of every month. We observe fast on this day and perform Pooja for Lord Ganesha. On this day the special significance is sighting the moon. We break our fasts after the moon rise. On this day, we have a big feast. We prepare some Neivedya which is offered to the Lord. Usually, Sheera or Steamed Modaks are prepared. I made Sheera today which I am going to share with you all.

Ingredients -
1 cup Sooji/Rava
1 cup sugar
2+1/2 cups milk (If you are using 2% reduced fat milk then you will not need water. But if you are using Whole Milk then you can have 2+1/2 cups water + milk)
3-4 tb spoons ghee
4-5 strands safforn dissolved in 1 tbl spoon warm milk
1/4 cup dryfruits chopped finely(almonds, cashews, pistachios, raisins)

Method -
1) Heat ghee in a kadhai and roast the sooji/rava until light brown.
2) Add the milk or milk+water(if using whole milk). Close the lid and bring it to steam. Also add the saffron and mix well.
3) Add sugar and mix well. At this stage you can also add a banana which gives a nice flavour to the dish.(I did not have one so, didnt put but i normally do put some slices of banana). Close the lid and bring it to steam until it becomes soft.
4) Garnish it with dryfruits and serve.

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