Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our 3rd Marriage Anniversary!!!

It was our 3rd Marriage Anniversary yesterday. These have been wonderful years and I wish it lasts forever and ever. Thank You for all our well wishers. Its such a good feeling to get pampered by your loved ones, parents, relatives, friends and specially your husband on this special day.
We enjoyed our day. Since it was a weekday and the climate getting more colder and colder, we decided to be just at home this time. I decided to cook a nice hearty wholesome dinner and baked a cake. Well, but my husband's demand was Chicken Curry and Chicken Biryani. So, i was all set the whole day making it. My husband loved it and couldn't stop resisting the Biryani.
This was my first experience with frosting and icing the cake. It turned out to be just great but still i have to get a hand on it. Fortunately it was not a disaster. Thanks Madhura, for guiding me with it.
The New Year is approaching. Just 15 days to go and we would be stepping into 2010. We all make New Year resolutions. This time, I have decided to make a resolution before the New Year. I am going to post or atleast try posting one recipe everyday till the New Year. That means total 15 recipes. The recipes which i learned from my mom-in-law, some bookmarked recipes which i wanted to try since long and some experimental ones. Lets see how far I go. So, please do visit my blog everyday to find something new.
Thank You!!


Madhura said...

Lovely cake..tempting distoy :-)

Madhura said...

Belated Happy anniversary!!!

Tejaswini said...

Thanks so much Madhura :)